No. 54, Gypsy Caravan
Bellocq Tea Atelier

A mystifying blend of organic Indian and Chinese black teas, rambling rose, and tongue tingling chile give way to soulful, smoky notes reminiscent of a distant campfire. Full-bodied and smooth, this brew tosses up delicate floral notes with a wistful, smoky finish. Gypsy Caravan is well-suited to holiday afternoons in a comfortable chair in front of the fire. 3 oz. 


Our bags are hand crafted using genuine leather. Like all natural materials, leather reacts to the atmosphere. Humidity rain and sunlight can damage leather. Should a slight white coating appear on surface of leather, it can easily be removed using a dry cloth. Should leather get wet, absorb the water immediately with a dry cloth. Overexposure to sunlight can stain or alter the color of the leather.

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