No. 09, The White Duke
Bellocq Tea Atelier

Second cousin to the Earl Grey (but not second fiddle). Organic Silver Needles white tea scented with the natural essence of Sicilian bergamot. The difference between natural bergamot and the synthetic version is astounding. While the artificial version resonates a single note of ‘bergamot’ flavor, the natural essence is a complex and voluptuous character remaining true to it’s citrus nature. Lighter than a traditional Earl Grey, The White Duke is delicate, lively and masterful. 2.5 oz. 


Our bags are hand crafted using genuine leather. Like all natural materials, leather reacts to the atmosphere. Humidity rain and sunlight can damage leather. Should a slight white coating appear on surface of leather, it can easily be removed using a dry cloth. Should leather get wet, absorb the water immediately with a dry cloth. Overexposure to sunlight can stain or alter the color of the leather.

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